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ECU Flashing

ECU Flashing

We are committed to staying one step ahead in the world of motorsports tuning by developing and distributing the most extensive line of ECU performance Tune Files for motorcycles, cars, watercraft and snowmobiles.


Through our ever expanding network of knowledgeable Tuning Centers around the world, we are able to offer new technology, optimum performance results, and quality customer service to an international community of motorsport enthusiasts.


Removing Restrictions and Perfecting the Tune……..


ECU Modifications – (Optional per customer request and application)

* Remove Factory Timing Retard

* Remove Throttle Restrictions

* Increased Idle

* Increased Rev Limit

* Remove Speed Limiters (Gear Dependent)

* Reduce Excessive Engine Braking/Improved Deceleration

* Improved Throttle Control & Reaction

* Remove Injector Shut-Off on Deceleration

* Eliminate Factory “Error codes” (ex. exhaust valve, steering damper)

* Improved Fuel Maps

* Improved Ignition Maps

* Injector Phasing Adjustment

* Velocity Stack Switching Adjustment (Variable Stacks Only)

* Race Fuel Mapping Accommodations



2011 Kawasaki ZX-10R with Akrapovic Slip-On 180.9hp and 76.8hp, that is a huge 20hp gain over stock with a 4lb ft tq increase as well. To make it better, stock power cuts out at 11,500rpms, well no more, that power just keeps rocketing up to 13,400rpms where its 30hp higher than stock!


2009 Suzuki GSX-R1000 with full Leo Vince system 170hp 80ft lb tq, thats 9hp and 5ft lb increase at the top end but even better is the 11hp gain at 10,500 rpms!


2009 Yamaha YZF-R1 with Leo Vince Slip-On 160.5hp 77.8lb ft tq, that’s 13hp and 3ft lb tq!